Ultra Clean San Marcos is much more than just a home and commercial cleaning company. We are a company dedicated to giving back the time to our customers to enjoy the things they love with their loved ones. We are a team of passionate, committed and dedicated professionals with highly trained skills in cleaning procedures, safety and security.

We will get deep into corners to free your home or office of any dust, germs and bacteria and deliver a home or office that is equally spotless and healthy. We have expertise in many areas and offer a wide range of top-quality services for affordable prices. Further, we provide our services in San Marcos, New Braunfels, Thorn Hill, Hunter, Kyle, Redwood and Martindale.

We assure that your home and office will look clean and sparkle like never before, and everyone will wonder how you ever had the time!


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Top 3 Reasons To Pick Us

Cleaning is crucial in maintaining an attractive, hygienic, fresh and healthy home or a workplace. A clean environment is imperative as it prevents diseases and keeps pests away at home and office. Besides, a clean set-up helps to increase the safety and boost the positive attitudes, the productivity of the employees in the workplace.
Although cleaning is necessary, many people do not have sufficient time to do them all by themselves or to do a fantastic job of it. Ultra Clean San Marcos, Tx is renowned for providing high-quality cleaning services for its customers. Here are the reasons why we have become the customer’s choice during the past years.

We are affordable: Many people think that the best home and commercial cleaning services are beyond their budget. Thus, we provide cost-effective, high-quality professional cleaning services to ease the weight in your mind. We take the time and provide full attention that deserves in all the homes and workplaces. We maintain a high degree of professionalism and take all your preferences into account to satisfy you when discharging our duties. Hence, we have built trust and reliability over the years, and our clients continuously hire us without any hesitation.
We assure you that hiring Ultra Clean San Marcos will never leave you to a disappointment.

We offer a wide variety of services: Ultra Clean San Marcos is a one-stop place for all your cleaning requirements. Because, we offer a wide range of excellent cleaning services from home cleaning, deep cleaning, window and exterior cleaning, janitorial cleaning, commercial cleaning and so on for all type of facilities and business in San Marcos and its environs.
We offer all-round home and commercial cleaning services to cater to your needs in every week. We also provide monthly and one-time house cleaning services as well with flexible schedules for your convenience.
Our services equip with vast experience, the latest cleaning techniques and equipment, and dedicated to making your life easier and better, so relax and let us do the work for you.

We are passionate about cleaning: Although providing cleaning services is our job, we take pride in our work, and it demonstrates. We love cleaning, and we are passionate about what we do.
We always think of your homes and workplaces as ours and we are dedicated to delivering spotless and excellent results to meet the client’s satisfaction.
Our professional, friendly staff is always ready to provide above and beyond results with their passion that our clients highly approve of, which is hard to achieve by other agencies.


These are our most requested services in San Marcos, TX.

If you don't see the service you are looking for give us a call and we will figure it out.

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Power/ pressure washing is vital to the maintenance of a home or any commercial property. Our professional pressure washing services can cater to clients based on weekly, quarterly or monthly requirements.
We use latest pressure washing equipment to clean the unsightly build-up dirt, sediments, debris, concrete, floors, tiles, building exteriors, garages, windows, staircases, patios, pools, solar panels and driveways. Pressure washing is a highly effective and efficient way of removing the dirt that is glued to surfaces when usual cleaning methods do not work. We use the water and steam to remove dirt and stain that this built up for years.
Pressure washing helps to keep these areas beautiful and aids to reduce deterioration by removing algae, insects and weeds.

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Tiles and hardwood are the common materials used on houses and commercial buildings. Daily maintenance of same is not hard but, dirt and grit forming up over the time will make it harder to have beautiful shiny floors. We use special equipment to remove marks and discolouration. Waxing and polishing the floor enable to look it splendid as well as provide protection from scratches, spills and stains. Hiring our professional services guarantees that your residence or workplace floor not only looks beautiful and cleaned, but prevent from premature ageing and permanent damage as well.

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We offer home cleaning to sparkle your residence like new. We understand that your time is as precious as working professionals or parents. Hence, we take care of all the tough spots you have been avoiding to clean for months.
Clean home brings comfort and peace of mind. An uncleaned home can cause allergies, diseases through harmful bacteria and fungi. Top-Notch Cleaning San Marcos is here to offer you an array of deep cleaning services: deep clean bathrooms, wipe down cabinets and appliances, living rooms, bedrooms, furniture, vacuum and mop floors, and much more. We customize the cleaning plans and methods to cater to your preferences and needs.
We also offer post-construction cleaning to help our clients to get back their houses in order. Few of our post-construction cleaning services include: remove dust from all the woodwork, clean window blinds, drawers and closets, dust all surfaces, clean door and window frames.

A home is a lifetime investment, and you always want to keep it neat and tidy. Cleaned windows provide a sense of freshness and brighten your home, and the entire house looks attractive and appealing.
We clean the mildew and dirt off your windows, sidewalks and deck for affordable prices. Having a dirty and uncleaned store or a building lose appeal in customers and conveys a negative image of your business. We provide window and exterior cleaning services irrespective of the size of the establishment.
Ultra Clean San Marcos provides comprehensive attention to convert your home and workplace look amazing.

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A clean and professional environment is more than a pleasant sight. A fresh and clean atmosphere is vital to the safety, health and wellbeing of your employees, visitors and customers and the overall success of your company.
A dirty and messy workplace not only decrease productivity but a reason to spread diseases as well. Hence, you will immensely benefit from top-quality, experienced professional cleaning and janitorial services.
We provide office cleaning, cleaning and sanitizing washrooms and pantry, garbage cleaning, lobby cleaning, carpet cleaning, vacuuming and mopping all floors.
Our professional team can cater to your unique cleaning requirements irrespective of the size and category of your establishment.

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Benefits of a clean


A dirty and unappealing environment cause infections and repugnance. Further, it affects your emotions and mental stability. On the contrary, a clean environment enhances your health and wellbeing. Thus, various studies have revealed that clean environments provide enormous benefits and lead to a happy and healthy life.

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A few of these benefits are:

  • Healthy and Happy Life

A hygienic environment is beneficial for younger people as well as adults. A clean and tidy house or workplace is the key to a healthy family and employees. Hence, adopting the policy of cleaning your homes and workplaces on regularly will eliminate the growth of germs, bacteria and viruses. Further, it reduces the money spent on medical services to cure diseases caused by an unhealthy environment.

  • Higher Productivity

A clean and beautiful environment stimulates creativity in the employee's mind. The clean and fresh workplace environment not only boosts the productivity, motivation, and performance of the employees that lead to the success of the company, but it results in wellbeing as well.


  • Improves the Average Life

The research has found that increased pollution has resulted in decreasing the average life of human beings. This view has further supported by comparing the rural residents as they have a better average-life than the residents in urban areas. Hence, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment at all times helps to reduce pollution and diseases.