Floor cleaning, waxing, polishing in San Marcos, TX

Floor cleaning is a never-ending task in cleaning cycle, but it also one of our specialties. We,Ultra Clean San Marcos, Tx pride ourselves on being experts in the floor cleaning. It is not only because of our know-how to clean a variety of floor types, but we treat your home or workplace as our own when providing our high-quality services.High traffic areas such as office spaces, reception area, hallways, entryways, commercial floor areas open to the public are likely to wear and tear, accumulates dirt and stain, nicks and scratches. Hence, ultimately lead to a dull and lifeless appearance which might attract germs and insects as well.

Moreover, neglecting your floor cleaning and maintenance might end up you with costly repairs where even the most resistant materials will not work on such floors. 
All our experts are well trained and experienced to apply correct cleaning methods for any floor type such as ceramic glass, granite, marble, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, cork, carpet, concrete and many more. Further, all our staff are bonded and insured, so you can confidently invite us into your space.
We guarantee to restore your flooring to its original super gloss shine!
We are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning gears to remove dirt, dust and numerous particles that tend to damage the home or commercial surfaces.


We offer the following services with a quick turn-around time.

  • Scrubbing

  • Waxing

  • Buffing and floor polishing

  • Tile and grout cleaning

  • Floor stripping and re-sealing

  • Marble floor care

  • Degreasing

  • Floor Waxing

Regular floor waxing preserves your floor by protecting it from scratches, nicks, spills, stains and discolouration. The waxing frequency depends on the type of flooring, amount of traffic and the wear and tear present. We use specialized tools to remove scuff marks off the floor.

Scrub and Wax

Over time, flooring can begin to lose its sparkle and look dull even with the regular waxing sessions as the dirt and grime can mix up in the wax that coat the surface. We are solving this issue by scrubbing off the old wax coat, cleaning, then recoating and waxing the floor.
This method brings back the long-gone shine to your floors, and frequent waxing sessions are not required. Moreover, A scrub and wax are needed once your flooring stops responding to waxing and polishing treatments.

Strip and Wax

Dirt, debris and dust particles get waxed into the floor with each layer of wax which is inevitable. Thus, frequently the floor will be scrubbed and waxed to extend the need for strip and wax session, which is the most time-consuming cleaning procedure but brings outstanding results.
During this procedure, the current wax layer is stripped off and leave the floors bear after removing dirt and grime from the floor. Afterwards, we seal and wax the cleaned floors to restore the original shine.
We recommend a strip and wax every 06 months on high traffic floors and once a year for small and medium traffic floors.

Floor Buffing and Polishing

If proper maintenance has neglected between the floor stripping and waxing, the hardwood floors will soon lose their glow. We use special cleaning agents and commercial buffing machines to remove the dirt and dust on the surface efficiently and effectively.

Polishing floors prevent permanent damage to your floorings. Depending on your floor traffic, we recommend the floor buffing every 02 months, which helps to improve the polish and gleam on your flooring.

Few benefits of floor cleaning, waxing and polishing include:
Make your daily cleaning faster and more effective
Protect the flooring from damage by dust, dirt and debris
Improve aesthetics and have long-lasting floors

Do you want to look at the floors with pride again? Waste no more time! Contact us to experience our dedicated, exceptional professional floor cleaning services today. We serve in and around San Marcos, Texas. Call us now!